Lillup is a disruptor, leading the future of e-Learning-based knowledge

We need to live and work together. We experience pleasure when we meet, exchange, share, collaborate and play. Empathy, teamwork, respect, love, resilience and hope are so important that they cover our entire being. The social network in which we live – physical or digital – consolidates the affective universe of people and broadens our natural circle of knowledge. Every interaction we have makes us who we are. This is the world Lillup is shaping.

In just over a decade 65% of children entering primary school today will work in new job types that don’t yet exist. Such a rapidly evolving landscape requires the ability to anticipate and prepare for future skills requirements that will be increasingly critical for businesses, governments and individuals to seize the right opportunities. Governments and businesses must work together to ensure that individuals have the means to seek (re)training openings.

Lillup was created in 2014 as a digital workspace solution based on Artificial Intelligence to manage individual performance, learning and evolving according to the profile and the ambitions of individuals and companies, in an ever-changing world.

Built on three important values, Openness, Skills and Sharing, Lillup incorporates different practices to provide the user with a multi-faceted approach to learning and knowledge acquisition by making it part of our daily life.

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