Roles and Leadership
The Lillup Foundation is governed by a virtual management team made up of experts from various parts of the community. Some people with leadership roles are employed to work on the L&F and others are not. Leadership roles are primarily granted to individuals based on how active they are in the community, as well as the quality and nature of their contribution. This is a resilient and effective way to guide our global community. The different community leadership roles include:




Working Groups




Reps Council




The Committees establish the Working Groups and includes the terms for the Committee and its Steering Committee. Each Committee may then complete one or more Working Group Charters, which establishes the scope and intellectual property terms for each Working Group under the Committee.

Three Committees cover the Lillup Foundation mission:
- cloud computing
- blockchain system
- impact regarding the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (see ).

Each Working Group must be comprised of at least 2 Working Group Participants. No Working Group Participant will be permitted to participate in a Working Group without first Joining the Working Group.


Individuals, Profit and non-profit organizations can join a working group according the membership rules.


The Executive Chaiman, the President and the committees officers are the members governing body. The Council exists to ensure that the L&F Reps program runs smoothly, oversees the governance and finances of the program and serves as an advisory body within the L&F organization. The Reps Council takes strategic decisions regarding the program with input by the rest of the leadership body.


Stewards are responsible for the growth and health of the community around functional and regional areas. Although everyone in L&F has a responsibility to help new people join the community, Stewards maintain the contribution pathways that connect potential contributors to teams that have contribution opportunities. Stewards also run recognition, education and metrics projects that keep those pathways functioning well.


The Licence choice is under the responsibility of the Working Group Participants contributing source code to the Working Group. (see ).


The Lillup Foundation adheres to the Open Standards principles. (see ).


The Lillup foundation encourages and supports the initiatives to create and deploy innovative services around the technologies developed by the working group and by the digital asset ampersand.



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